What does your contribution entitle you to?

  • Full union membership of SAFE and the right to stand for and vote in internal
  • Assistance and advice on any matter relating to working life in the institution:
    • Information about the Staff Regulations, rules, the staff report
      procedure, the sickness insurance scheme, etc.
    • Presence of a union member at your staff report interview or a medical
      check-up on Parliament’s premises;
  • To receive legal assistance. As well as a legal defence following prior approval
    by the SAFE’ Executive Committee;
  • The right to participate free of charge once a year in a SAFE training session
    for EPSO competitions (provided that SAFE organises such sessions).

What will your contribution be used for?

  • To pay our lawyers;
  • To pay translation costs for SAFE;
  • To pay part of SAFE communication equipment and services costs;
  • To pay part of SAFE office equipment costs and other ancillary expenses;
  • To pay for SAFE web hosting and for IT resources;
  • To contribute to a movement of SOLIDARITY, a word in the process of being completely forgotten

Without any means or resources, an organisation cannot operate effectively.

Small streams become great rivers…

Amount of contribution:

  • It depends on your grade and salary.
  • However, you are free to end your contribution at any time. Please note that
    in stopping your standing order, you will lose all the rights associated with
    your contribution.
  • The standing order can be paid monthly or every quarter.


Monthly payment

Quaterly payment

AST 1 to AST 4,
AC - Groups I, II & III (Grades 8 to 10)

4.5 €

13.5 €

AD 5 to AD 9, AST 5 to AST 9,
AC - Group III (Grades 11 to 12)

7.5 €

22.5 €

AD 10 to AD 11, AST 10 to AST 11,
AC – Group IV (Grades 13 to 18)

9.5 €

28.5 €

AD 12 to AD 16

12 €

36 €

Retired staff

2 €

6 €

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