SAFE’s activities are numerous and often behind the scenes and confidential :

  • Dozens of cases in which we accompany colleagues during the annual evaluation process.
  • Regular support during administrative investigations and disciplinary procedures.
  • Regular advice in the event of an invalidity Commission.
  • Advice and answers concerning individual rights.
  • Assistance and drafting of complaints (Art 90(2)).
  • Advice on our health insurance.

At the European Court of Justice :

When, following advice from a specialised lawyer and the agreement of the Section Committee, a claim is considered to be defensible before the European Court of Justice, SAFE may decide to cover the costs of the appeal for its members, either in full or in part.

An appeal costs between €8,000 and €10,000 – the majority of the membership fees are dedicated to this objective. By contributing, all the members are in solidarity for the defence of our/your rights.

Appeals for two Contract Agents (GFI):

Currently, we have two appeals before the Court of Justice, concerning two terminations of contract of contract agents (GF I), deemed to be a source of prejudice for which the claimants are seeking compensation.

Case that SAFE has won on the right to telemedicine :

In 2018, the European Parliament lost this case:

In addition, we support the work and tasks of the Staff Committee :

  • Advisory Committee on Harassment and its prevention at the workplace.
  • Promotions Committees
  • Competition jury
  • Joint Committee (COPAR)
  • Advisory Committee for social activities (CCAS)
  • Advisory Committee for social activities – Luxembourg (CAS)
  • Sickness Insurance Management Committee (CGAM)
  • Status Committee
  • Comité de Centre Polyvalent de l’Enfance Luxembourg (CPE Lux)
  • Comité paritaire de gestion du Centre de la petite enfance Bruxelles (COCEPE)

Not to mention that SAFE has been an active player in the last two reforms of the Staff Regulations.