SAFE is endowed with a legal personality – we are an ASBL (not-for profit association) under Luxembourg law.

The sovereign body of SAFE is its General Assembly.

Every three years (except for pandemics), the General Assembly meets to elect an Executive Committee (COMEX). Once constituted, the Executive Committee elects its Bureau.

These elected members meet regularly to analyse current events, deal with problems, define strategies and actions, and look after the interests of the ASBL. In addition, all members elected to the Staff Committee on the SAFE electoral list(s) are members of the Executive Committee.

In 2023, the following were elected to the Executive Committee of SAFE asbl:

  • Philippe COLART
  • Gianfranco EMANUELE
  • Luigi GARZONE
  • Aleksandra GORAJ
  • Giovanni MANZELLA
  • Jean-Germain MARCK
  • Zdenek OPAVA
  • Mark SAMMUT

The following were elected to the SAFE asbl Bureau:

  • President :
    • Sven Corthout
  • Political Secretary :
    • Philippe Colart
  • Tresurer :
    • Gianni Manzella
  • Vice-presidents :
    • Gianfranco Emanuele
    • Jean-Germain Marck
    • Armand Vanderlinden